A household appliance is rarely just a machine. It's something you will come to rely on, something that helps take care of you and your family. And it's also a familiar presence in the home, one that you might see and use every day. With this in mind, we think that every appliance should be a pleasure to use. It should be a companion in your everyday life, making things easier for you – and even inspiring you to indulge your own passions.

Put simply, we think that an appliance that makes its way into the heart of your home should be something you can love.

We at ASKO are inspired by Scandinavia. Part of this inspiration comes from our heritage – the landscapes and conditions we come from, and the region's historical reputation for functional design and long-lasting, reliable equipment. We're also inspired by modern Scandinavian values, like caring for the environment: which is why we aim to make all of our appliances as sustainable as possible, both in terms of how they're made and how they work